Miro's Carpet Care

- an owner operated company which specializes in commercial/residential carpet, upholstery and hard surface/tile cleaning.

We are not afraid to take the extra steps to make you happy, this is our primary goal.

With the best possible cleaning service, delivered every time, we want to earn your trust and give you a good reason to be lifetime clients who can wholeheartedly recommend us to friends and family alike.
You, your loved ones and the environment are important to us, this is why we use some of the most potent organic and bio-safe cleaning solutions on the market, rated safe even for your children and pets.
We use one of the most advanced truck-mounted machines for faster, drier, safer - just better - cleaning.

This cuts the drying time considerably compared to most portable machines and lets us finish the job faster.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Health is the number one reason why you should get your carpets cleaned today.

Carpets act like air filters - over time soil builds up deep into the carpet fibers and this can severely affect the indoor air quality of your home / business.

Improving visual appeal, removing stains comes second, but not least.

Odor Neutralization

Odors can be very frustrating to get rid of, especially ones from pets.

Pet urine does not stay on the surface of the carpet, in fact it penetrates deep into the carpet fibers.

As the liquid evaporates, the urine crystals become even more concentrated and a simple carpet cleaning would not be able to get rid of the odor.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery might not need cleaning as often as your carpet does, but keeping it clean is just as important.

Soil, fur, sand, allergens can get deep into your upholstery - out of reach for even the most powerful consumer vacuums.

Hard Surfaces & Tile Cleaning

Manmade tile, natural stone or concrete floors, we can clean them all.

Don't waste time trying to clean inbetween your tiles. We will shine them to perfection with our professional tile tools.

Hardwood Floor

Sweeping and moping are important steps for regular hardwood floor maintenance.

However, these steps do not remove all of the debris that gets tracked in by regular foot traffic.

Using our professional cleaning process we can remove all of the soil that settles in the small crevices and gets embedded on the surface of your floor. Using the optional sealer we can even restore the shine of your hardwood floor.

*Extra discounts are available when you combine two or more of our services.
We can make your old furniture look new again.
We have the right tools for all of your needs.
Obligatory amazing difference before/after cleaning comaprison shot.
National chain stores get dirty too, for their cleaning needs they come to us.
Bringing back this 25 year old couch back to life !
We clean stairways to heaven too, call us for a quote first though.
Our bread and butter, cleaning home carpets, they stand no chance.
Polishing rocks sounds like a waste of time, but as you can see from the photo, it clearly is not.
Don't let your carpets look like this, but if you do, we can help.
The hot steam cleanses all your carpet's fibers.
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